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How Well Do You Know the United States of Marvel?


While Batman and Superman have always protected DC Comics’ fictional cities like Gotham City and Metropolis, the Marvel Universe has ostensibly been based on the real world. In the 1940s, Captain America and his allies protected real cities all over the United States. In the 1960s, Stan Lee and Marvel’s other creators made Manhattan the beating heart of the Marvel Universe. The Marvel titles of that era were all about introducing real world problems into a superhero universe, and the use of real locations helped make the fantastic feel a little more authentic. More recently, every one of the United States received its own superhero team as part of the Fifty State Initiative in the wake of 2006’s “Civil War.”

While Marvel has plenty of famous fictional locations like Muir Island, Latveria and Wakanda, the majority of Marvel’s earth is fairly close in geography to our own. Although most of the action has taken place in New York and other major American cities, the adventures of Marvel’s heroes have stretched from sea to shining sea. Now, CBR challenges you to test your knowledge of the United States of Marvel. For this quiz, we’ll be looking at some residents, landmarks or stories from each state in the Marvel Universe.

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