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How Well Do You Know the United States of DC Comics?


After decades of stories, places like Gotham City and Metropolis have become some of the greatest, most complete creations in the DC Universe. In the early days of superheroes, these fictional cities were established so young readers could imagine characters like Superman flying through their hometowns. As these creations expanded and grew distinct personalities, more and more real world locations seeped into the DC Universe too. As a result of all of this, DC Comics’ Earth has been canonically established as bigger than the real world’s Earth.

From the shores of Coast City to the fields of Smallville, the adventures of DC’s heroes have stretched all across the United States. While most of DC’s fictional locales have been enriched by details, their geographic locations have been left frustratingly unspecific. With multiple contradictory sources and the ever-changing nature of DC’s reality, DC’s cities have floated between states and regions over the years. While most of these cities have settled into some commonly accepted locations, there’s been friction between them and the geography of the real world. Now, CBR wants to challenge your knowledge of the United States of DC Comics. For this quiz, we’ll be looking at some residents, landmarks and stories from every state in the DC Universe.

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