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How Well Do You Know The Superman Family?


Since his debut in “Action Comics” #1 in 1938, Superman has been first among equals in the superhero fraternity. Sent to Earth as a baby to escape the destruction of his home planet Krypton, Superman grew up in small-town America with loving adoptive parents who molded him into a man whose great strength and power is tempered by compassion, restraint and understanding. Superman believed himself alone in the universe, the last survivor of Krypton and the sole representative of its culture and customs.

His parents were just the beginnings of a growing family of friends, schoolmates, co-workers and love interests, and in time, Superman learned all about his birth parents, his family lineage and about the glorious past of Krypton. He also learned of other survivors from his homeland — sometimes happily, sometimes not. Some of those characters associated with Superman have been his most powerful enemies, who challenge his might as well as his intellect, battling him with science, gadgetry, magic and sometimes even with his main weakness, kryptonite. This network of people have broadened Superman and have themselves been fascinating sources of many stories — and some in Superman’s supporting cast have even headlined their own titles. Now, CBR wants you to test your Superman IQ and your knowledge of the Superman family.

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