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How Well Do You Know the Legion of Super-Heroes?


The Legion of Super-Heroes was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, and first appeared in 1958, in “Adventure Comics” #247. Although initially meant to be a one-shot story about three teenaged heroes from the 30th century seeking to recruit Superboy for their superhero club, readers responded positively to this early Legion and they eventually received their own feature in “Adventure Comics.” It wasn’t until the 1980s that the Legion received its own series, free from their decades-long association with Superboy. By the time “Crisis on Infinite Earths” rolled around, the Legion boasted an expansive roster of almost 40 heroes, truly living up to its name.

However, that first Crisis complicated the Legion’s history by erasing two of its most important members from continuity. The absence of Superboy and Supergirl led to several subsequent reboots and retcons, all of which only seemed to complicate matters further. Despite surviving DC’s New 52 line-wide reboot, not even legendary Legion scribe Paul Levitz could prevent its ongoing series from cancellation. Jeff Lemire brought the team back in the pages of “Justice League United” but aside from a few hints, the Legion has been conspicuously absent from DC’s latest “Rebirth.” With rumblings of a return to the spotlight in the offing, we wanted to get you prepared with a 30th century pop quiz. How well do you know these classic members of the Legion of Super-Heroes? Take the quiz to find out!

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