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How Well Do You Know The Fantastic Four’s Villains?


Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four, have been entertaining readers since they burst onto the scene in 1961, helping to launch the Marvel Age. Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny were a different kind of team from that traditionally featured in comics. They were a family unit and were portrayed in a realistic manner, despite their fantastic powers. They may have fought, bickered and frequently disagreed, but they were were always stronger together. It’s a good thing, too, because over their 55 year history of publication the FF have faced some of the most formidable villains in Marvel’s repertoire.

A strong case could be made for the Fantastic Four having Marvel’s greatest collection of villains. One of the constants in the team’s portrayal is that they’re a family of adventurers, meaning that they’re not restricted to certain types of story. Whether space opera, mad science, giant monsters or time travel, the FF can comfortably appear in any type of story, meaning that the range and depth of their rogues gallery is almost unparalleled. From cosmic beings to armored dictators, the FF have fought and triumphed over them all. Now, CBR invites you to test your knowledge of FF foes by taking this quiz.

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