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How Well Do You Know The Batman Family?


Unlike most of us in the real world, superheroes get to choose their extended families. For Batman, that has meant building a team of street-level crimefighters to aid him in his mission to rid Gotham City of lawlessness and corruption. Although he initially started out as a lone wolf, Batman’s family has grown over the years to include numerous sidekicks, associates and even a few former adversaries. Typically an aloof patriarch, who fears emotional connection, Batman nonetheless relies upon his family to keep him from becoming totally consumed by his never-ending mission. It is through his extensive supporting cast that we are allowed to see past the Bat to learn about the man beneath the cowl. Without them, Batman would most assuredly be a much different kind of hero.

Just who are these indispensable sons and daughters of the Bat? Like Bruce Wayne, many of them are orphans and all have experienced some form of tragic loss, which one might say is only fitting. In the wake of DC’s most recent line-wide reboot, Batman’s family has grown even larger, encompassing former adversaries and new young faces eager to make a difference in the lives of the citizens of Gotham City. How well do you know the Batman Family? Take our quiz to find out!

SPOILER ALERT! Spoilers ahead for numerous stories published by DC Comics.

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