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How Well Do YOU Know Superhero Origins?


What makes a hero? It’s not just the superpowers, it’s not just where they came from or what they’re trying to achieve. It’s a little bit of everything. While a lot of the time origin stories just serve to show you what ludicrous situation gave someone their superpowers, in many cases you can tell a lot about a hero from their origins. And boy… are there a lot of them — exciting ones like Iron Man’s origin or downright strange ones like Red Tornado’s.

There are only so many superheroes who could have gotten their powers via a blast of radiation of some kind so writers have had to be pretty creative, which is why between Marvel and DC, there are hundreds of different origin stories. Some involve ancient gods, some involve genetics and others involve some guy just being raised improperly (looking at you Black Condor). Sometimes it’s hard to keep track, especially if you’re more of a casual fan of comic book characters. That’s why we’ve come up with this little quiz, so both self-proclaimed experts and casual readers alike can test themselves. How many of these origin stories do you really know?

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