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All Hail the King! How Well Do You Know the Creations of Jack Kirby?


There are few creators who cast a longer shadow over the comics universe than Jack “the King” Kirby. Celebrated by fans and fellow creators alike as comic book royalty, Kirby’s long career spanned virtually every age of comics. He started creating comics alongside fellow legend Joe Simon during the Golden Age and helped usher in the Silver Age at Marvel Comics with Stan Lee. Over the course of his career, Kirby worked at virtually every major publisher and even dabbled in self-publishing later in life. He’s created countless iconic heroes and villains and built entire mythologies that continue to fire readers’ imaginations decades after his passing.

His robust art was as broad and bombastic as his unfettered creativity and inspired generations of creators to try their hand at comics. Without the King to lead the way, comics would be a much different medium and not for the better. To celebrate Kirby’s lasting impact on our favorite form of popular entertainment, we built a list questions to see just how well you know his best-known creations. Here, you’ll find characters drawn from every era of his career. From Nazi-busting patriots to cosmic despots of the Fourth World, these heroes and villains comprise a body of work unlike any in comics. All Hail the King!

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