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How Well Do You Know Batman: The Animated Series?


Long before the “Dark Knight” trilogy or the “Arkham” video games, “Batman: The Animated Series” defined the Caped Crusader for a generation. Where older Batman cartoons were aggressively kid-friendly, “Batman” told dark, complex stories in an equally dark art deco world. While it still had enough colorful villains and thrilling action to entertain younger viewers, the show’s stunning animation and compelling plots made it a cartoon that was truly for all ages.

With a creative brain trust that included Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Eric Radomski and Bruce Timm behind the scenes, the show broke ground and hinted at new highs for western animation. Highlighted by the powerful baritone of Kevin Conroy’s Batman, the show was packed with instantly iconic performances from an all-star cast of voice actors. The show’s creators found hidden depths in previously ridiculed characters and introduced more than a few new characters and ideas to the wider Batman mythology. As the series evolved, it went on to form the basis of the beloved DC Animated Universe. After a quarter of a century, the series still stands as one of the most complete statements on Batman and his world to ever be produced. Now, CBR wants you to test your Bat-knowledge and see if you’ve got a memory like the world’s greatest detective.

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