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Can You Guess What Country These Marvel Actors Are From?


With the premiere of the first “Iron Man” movie in 2008, cinema-goers bore witness to the creation of a shared cinematic universe that would contain the majority of Marvel movie continuity going forward. This ambitious concept meant that events in one movie could affect those in another and characters from different franchises could cameo in each other’s films as long as they fell under the Marvel Cinematic Universe umbrella.

Called the MCU for short, this new unifying film universe expanded at a rapid pace with an ever-increasing number of movies and TV series being created all within this one established continuity. With each new entry made in the MCU, a variety of actors from all over the world were cast to help bring these popular comic book characters to life. While the majority of the characters in the MCU are American, many of the actors and actresses who play them come from much more diverse backgrounds with quite a few hailing from countries like Australia, Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden and even Israel. Do you think you can tell where each actor comes from? Here’s a selection of some of the MCU’s more international actors (and Wolverine because who doesn’t like Wolverine?) to test your Marvel movie knowledge. How many do you think you’ll get right?

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