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Is This Superhero From DC Or Marvel Comics?


There are a lot of superheroes flying, leaping, swimming and swinging through the pages of our comic books. Each one is unique (or tries to be at the very least). There are many who consider Mandrake the Magician to be the first comic superhero, making his debut in 1934 in comic strips published by King Features Syndicate. He was quite a popular character until Superman came along in 1938, surpassing Mandrake’s level of success and pretty much igniting the craze for superheroes and comics, subsequently aiding in the success of the two major comic book publishers we know today: Marvel Comics and DC.

Marvel Comics actually began way back in 1939 as Timely Comics and played a vital role in the 1960s in revitalising interest in superheroes and comic books with the help of names you might just recognize: Stan “The Man” Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and John Romita Sr.. Unlike the superheroes of yesteryear, Marvel superheroes were mortals trying to be more. Then there’s the other titan of the comics industry: DC, which began in 1934. ¬†They brought maturity to comic books in later years and were arguably the first to really implement the concept of a shared universe between their publications. There are thousands of superheroes between the two publishers. Do you think you can sort out the Marvel heroes from the DC ones?

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