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Can You Ace This DC Multiverse Challenge?


The DC Comics Multiverse is one of the publisher’s defining features. With tendrils that stretch back to the foundation of the superhero genre and into a myriad of possible futures, the multiverse has given order to decades of contradictory superhero stories. By utilizing the possibilities of a multiverse of alternate realities, DC’s creators have been able to successfully sustain multiple versions of the same character at the same time for years. As DC has acquired other publishers’ characters over the years, the multiverse has also been a useful way to ease them into the company’s wider world.

After initially referring to alternate reality tales as “Imaginary Stories,” DC began to order its parallel worlds and give them names like Earth-Two or Earth-X. When these worlds became too confusing, DC rebooted their multiverse and perfected the template for modern crossovers in 1985’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” While the organized multiverse model fell out of fashion, DC published most of its alternate realities as “Elseworlds.” However, this was largely abandoned when a new, refreshed and reorganized multiverse emerged in 2007. Although these narrative acrobatics might seem complex, they’ve laid a firm groundwork for truly epic, reality-shattering stories. Now, CBR wants to test your knowledge of the DC Multiverse. For this quiz, we’ll be looking at the stories, characters and worlds of DC’s numerous alternate realities and parallel worlds.

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