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Can You Name This Comic Book Video Game?


In theory, video games based off of popular comic book characters seems like a complete slam dunk for audiences. After all, who wouldn’t want to pilot their favorite hero in his or her’s fictional city, beating up bad guys and championing justice? Unfortunately, not all comic book video games have done right by their source material, sometimes being glitchy, off-the-wall or just plain boring to play. There were a few gems in the rough during the early days of comic book games, but it was a big rough to navigate.

Thankfully, these games have made an upward trend in recent years. A lot of titles have been crafted to appeal to young audiences just getting to know the characters, as well as older fans who have followed these heroes for decades. Some games take on the Lego approach, while others dive into the darker stories of comic book characters. Others still just plop players into a giant sandbox and have at it. A few of these protagonists have even made the jump to virtual reality gaming! Regardless of what approach they take, comic books and video games have traveled a long road with many high notes, as well as plenty of bumps along the way.

How many comic book video games have you played? Take the CBR quiz to find out!

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