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Can You Name These Transformers?


When Transformers first hit U.S. toy stores in 1984, they were an instant success. A hugely popular TV series was followed by an animated feature film in 1986, and hundreds of toys and other forms of merchandise were released. By the 1990s, sales of the toys had declined as kids moved on to other lines, while the Marvel comic was cancelled with #80 in July 1991. Despite this, the Transformers concept was too popular to remain dormant for long, and in 1993, the line was relaunched with “Transformers: Generation 2.”

While its toy-line and accompanying comic series were not a success, in the following years the concept would live on in television. “Beast Wars,” “Armada” and “Energon” all enjoyed varying degrees of success, before the release of the “Transformers” live-action film in 2007 marked their debut as one of the hottest film properties in Hollywood. Even with all of these different iterations, including IDW’s latest crop of licensed comics, the G1 characters’ appeal continues to be the most enduring. With that in mind, CBR wants to test your old school Transformers knowledge by challenging you to identify 25 G1 characters.

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