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Can You Name These Street Fighter Characters?


Street Fighter V may have been out for a while now, but everyone knows Capcom loves releasing lots of updates to each game in the franchise. So, you might know all the characters in the latest game now, but we’ll see what happens in a year, when there will probably be a new super-hyper-turbo version of “Street Fighter V.” Until that time comes, though, why not see how well you recognize the characters that are in the franchise right now?

There have only been five Street Fighter franchise entries, but between all the updates they have received plus all the crossovers in the series, there are a lot more characters than you might think. But fans of the games are pretty knowledgeable, so maybe you can put a name to a face or a description like it’s nothing. Or maybe we can find a few characters who will trip you up. Let’s find out, shall we? Name These Street Fighter Characters!

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