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Can You Name These Spider-Man Villains?


When you look back upon the history of Spider-Man, one of the most astonishing things is just how much of his historic rogues gallery was formed in just the first year of his ongoing series, “Amazing Spider-Man.” There are plenty of superheroes who have never had even close to as many notable villains in their entire career that Spider-Man had in just those first 12 issues by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. That wasn’t the end of it, of course, as Spider-Man has added many new villains in the years since. In fact, he is one of the rare characters who has been able to add significant members to his rogues gallery more than 20 years into his existence! That’s almost unheard of in superhero circles!

In fact, it is due to his wide array of villains that, for a while there, it would be difficult to even pick a single “main” villain for Spider-Man. He’s simply had far too many contenders, and things would change seemingly year by year as to who was Spider-Man’s #1 foe! Heck, perhaps there is a villain out there who has not even been introduced yet that will be considered Spider-Man’s top enemy 10 years from now. In the time being, though, let’s review the villains Spider-Man has now, and see how many of Spider-Man’s rogues you can name!

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