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Can You Name These Marvel Extraterrestrial Superheroes And Villains?


Beings from space have always had a starring role in the Marvel universe. During the Golden Age, many of of the mysteries of space were yet to be solved. No one had orbited the Earth, let alone landed on the moon or sent a land rover to Mars. Outer space captured the imagination of comic book readers everywhere.

Marvel provided several amazing superheroes who hailed from distant planets, as well as literal gods from other dimensions. Some of them were born with amazing powers, while others were experimented on and gifted superhuman abilities. In many instances, these outer space superheroes teamed up with Marvel’s Earth-bound do-gooders in order to keep peace in the universe.¬†There were also villains who were looking to conquer and destroy the universe. Some of these villains had suffered greatly at the hands of greater beings, thus becoming warped and unstable. Other villains were hungry for power, looking to gather it however they could and use it on lesser beings.¬†With such powerful forces for good and evil existing in space, Marvel’s universe became the setting for some truly epic wars that saw the defeat of enemies, as well as the sacrifice of heroes.

How well do you know Marvel’s superheroes and villains from outer space? CBR wants to find out! Take this quiz to see if you have what it takes to navigate the Marvel universe.

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