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Can You Name These DC Movie Heroes and Villains?


For decades, movies that were set in the DC Extended Universe were less “hit” and more “miss.” Some movies resonated with audiences, like Chris Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. Others merely elicited eye rolls and terrible box office returns, like the infamous “Batman & Robin.” Production style, critical praise and box office grosses were inconsistent for years. Luckily, all of that is changing.

DC took a page out of Marvel’s book to produce movies in the DCEU that dovetail with each other. Beginning with 2013’s “Man of Steel,” each DCEU movie follows the same continuity, even if there are side trips to tell a superhero’s origin story. Regardless of whether a DCEU movie was grounded in reality or flamboyantly campy, seeing our favorite comic book characters come to life was a dream come true. DC superheroes and villains tore apart each other and the scenery. They wore their iconic costumes and deployed their distinctive weapons, organic and/or otherwise. They filled the big screen with action, suspense, drama and sometimes, hilarity.

Whether you’re a longtime fan, or just getting introduced to these legends and their foes, CBR is here to test your knowledge of superheroes and villains from DCEU movies.

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