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Can You Name These Alien DC Superheroes And Villains?


The Earth isn’t the only planet in the universe to produce beings with super powers. One galaxy after another has been home to aliens who can fly, control minds, shoot energy blasts and wield powerful weapons. DC comics have long focused on who might be living in the star-filled skies.

One of DC’s most famous superheroes came from a distant planet. His presence on Earth attracted more his kind, some who wanted to help protect the Earth, and others who wanted to destroy it. Other aliens who found their way to Earth were seeking refuge from the horrors that happened on their home planets. Some aliens saw Earth as a bountiful source of energy, knowledge or slaves, just waiting to be harvest for the alien’s benefit.

In the DC universe, earthlings travel to space and aliens travel to Earth very freely. Sometimes they use Boom Tubes, a tunnel that’s a direct link between Earth and another planet. Most of the time they simply fly between worlds, in spaceships or by using their own superpowers. Regardless of their mode of transportation, when the enhanced beings from either side of the vast expanse of space meet, there’s bound to be an exciting adventure.

How well do you know the extraterrestrials in the DC universe? Take the CBR quiz to find out!

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