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Can You Name These Comic Book Artists?


In many ways, comic book artists are the lead guitarists of the comic book world. While they’re only one part of the team that’s required to produce the final product, they’re often the most visible, with their work serving as the initial hook to grab the reader. Despite this, artists haven’t always received the respect that they deserve, particularly in the Golden and Silver Ages of comics. Famously, for years, only Bob Kane’s name appeared on Batman art, despite vital contributions from other artists. The “Marvel Method” of producing comics — where the artist drew the story from a rough outline provided by the writer — has also proved contentious, with debate around whether artists were receiving appropriate recognition for their contributions.

Since the formation of Image Comics in 1992 — when seven Marvel artists formed their own company, writing and drawing their own creations — the role and perception of comic artists has altered. Now, artists are more likely to mix major company work with creator-owned work, with companies often marketing and promoting on the strength of the artist’s name and reputation. Their work may be familiar, but how recognizable is their style? Take this quiz to find out how many artists you can identify.

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