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Can You Name The Women Of DC Comics?


Justice League of America. Suicide Squad. Green Lantern Corps. These are only a few of the DC superhero teams who depend on their strong female superheroes to get the job done. Superheroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl have been responsible for defeating some of DC’s worst villains, including the likes of Darkseid and General Zod. Their camaraderie inspired partnership among other superheroes, as well.

Many of these ladies were born with amazing abilities. Some have inherited their powers, either through a unique costume or ancient artifacts. Regardless of how these superheroes received their gifts, they have put their powers of flight, super-strength, heat vision and agility to good use in protecting the Earth from threats of all kinds. They triumphed during Blackest Night and Infinite Crisis.

Speaking of threats, the villainous women in this quiz have no shortage of amazing powers, either. Some were turned into supervillains against their will, while others relished their newfound status in the cities of Metropolis and Gotham. They used their intellect and powers for increasing their fortunes, increasing their powers, and increasing their threat to all of mankind.

How well do you know the women of DC? Can you guess their names from their powers, their origins and their enemies? Take the CBR quiz to find out!

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