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Can You Name The Most Powerful Objects In The DC and Marvel Universes?


Whether a superhero is born with powers or not, somewhere along their journey they need some things. In the DC universe, Wonder Woman, with all her powers and abilities, still has a few iconic objects in her arsenal. Even Superman, whose very biology makes him immensely powerful on Earth, wouldn’t leave home without a certain piece of his costume. Then there are superheroes who develop their own talents and invent devices that help them fight evil. Green Arrow has a quiver full of help, and Batman certainly has more than his share of fancy gadgets, weapons and even vehicles.

In the Marvel universe, plenty of superheroes have memorable parts of their costumes or weaponry that, if missing, would make them seem naked. Captain America is synonymous with his shield, and Iron Man would be nothing without his suit. Throughout Marvel, Avengers, X-Men and other superheroes have created a universe of things to help them bring down the bad guys.

All of these objects have their own history and significance. Some of them have origins in ancient times, while others are the latest in technological advances. Some objects were built in a lab, while others were gifts from the very gods.

How well do you know powerful objects in the Marvel and DC universes? Take the CBR quiz to see if you can recognize these 50.

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