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Can You Name Deadpool’s Team-Up Partners?


Deadpool is an acquired taste for some, while other comic book fans can’t get enough of his raunchy humor. The Merc with the Mouth doesn’t shy away from naughty talk, potty talk, pillow talk or any other kind of talk that makes everyone else in the room uncomfortable.

Deadpool wasn’t born a mutant. When Wade Wilson found out he had terminal cancer, he sought out an experimental treatment. He was given a serum that gave him the ability to heal from any wound, and even grow back limbs, but the change¬†left him scarred and mutilated.

Even before he became a mutant, he spent many years as a mercenary, using his military training to carry out assassinations for money. After his mutation, he became an even more lethal opponent. He is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, although if he has to choose weapons, a handgun and his dual blades are his favorites.

Deadpool has been part of a few different Marvel superhero groups. Although he prefers to work alone, he has joined Cable’s X-Force, as well as Weapon X, Heroes for Hire, the Secret Defenders and now, even The Avengers. When he’s not part of a superhero group, or starring in his own series, he teams up with Marvel superheroes from different Earths, galaxies and even different dimensions!

Test your knowledge of Deadpool and the superheroes and villains who have teamed up with him.

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