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Can You Match These Supervillains To Their Archenemies?


While the heroes may get much of the acclaim and recognition, fans of superhero comics know that it’s often the villains that steal the show. Whether dangerous or demented, malicious or misunderstood, thousands of villains have been created, many of them battling superheroes time and time again. Some villains (including the Wrecking Crew) pop up over and over again throughout the Marvel universe, being used as a punching bag for multiple heroes across just as many comic book titles. Others (such as Mister Sinister) restrict themselves to a specific foe, their ultimate goal or masterplan being closely tied to their heroic counterparts.

It’s this second group that we’re interested in: villains that, even though they may seek new challenges from time-to-time, always find themselves drawn back into a battle of wits with their archenemies. In many cases, what began as a one-off encounter has developed into a fierce rivalry, or even an obsession. As has been pointed out to Batman on more than one occasion, how many of the residents within Arkham Asylum are motivated to commit crime because of him? In this quiz, CBR challenges you to test your wits and match the pictured supervillain with their heroic archenemy. Good luck!

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