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Can You Guess Who Created These ICONIC DC And Marvel Superheroes?


For all the immense popularity of superheroes, with characters such as Spider-Man and Batman being recognizable around the world, it’s somewhat surprising how few creators are publicly acclaimed for their roles in creating these heroes. Stan Lee’s larger-than-life persona has long made him synonymous with the comic industry for much of the general public, but many other creators – despite being rightly revered by comic fandom – have never received the public credit that they’re due.

A large part of the reason for this is that, historically, the main comics publishers — such as Marvel and DC — have traditionally operated a policy of work for hire. Essentially, this means that characters created by employees as part of their job become the property of the company, with the employer — not the employee — being considered the legal author. While it’s clear that there is still a long way to go, the situation has changed somewhat in recent years, with legal battles over credit and money due to older creators and a growing recognition that many creators never received the credit they deserved. Now, CBR invites you to test your knowledge of comics history and answer who created the following iconic superheroes.