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Match The Batman Quote With The Batman Movie!


Whether they’re villains bemoaningĀ the Caped Crusader’s prowess, women flirting to get into his good graces, or his friends expressing concern at the dangerous (and hella weird) ways he chooses to spend his time, everyone has something to say about Batman. That’ll happen when you’re a vigilante in a bat costume who finds himself starring in a lot of movies. So, we’ve combed every “Batman” movie ever made (even the painful ones) for as many quotes as we couldĀ find about the Dark Knight. It wasn’t an easy job (you’ve seen “Batman and Robin?” We’re sorry.), but there’s no shortage of lamentations, admirations and queries hurled Batman’s way in his over 50-year cinematic history.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it (we’re assuming you already have instead of reading this intro) is to match the “Batman” quote with the “Batman” movie. The eligible movies are, well, all of them. We started pulling from “Batman: The Movie” all the way through “The Lego Batman Movie,” so you can expect to find lines from those and every movie in between. You don’t need to know who said it, just in what movie it was said. And feel free to leave some of your favorite Bat-Quotes in the comments!

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