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Amalgam Comics: How Well Do You Know The Marvel/DC Mash-Up?


In 1996, the worlds of Marvel Comics and DC Comics collided with the long-awaited crossover “Marvel vs. DC.” Over four blockbuster issues, Ron Marz, Peter David, Dan Jurgers and Claudio Castellini had iconic heroes like Superman and the Hulk face off in a series of epic clashes. While the 2003 crossover “JLA/Avengers” is more fondly remembered today, “Marvel vs. DC” left a lasting legacy with Amalgam Comics. Halfway through the crossover, that miniseries paused as the Marvel and DC universes merged to form the Amalgam Universe.

Over 12 specials in 1996, another 12 in 1997 and a line of trading cards, readers were introduced to the joys of Amalgam Comics. With work from some of the era’s greatest comic creators, Amalgam was one of the most fun concepts of the mid-1990s. While characters like Superman and Captain America were fused into imagined icons like Super-Solider, a minor character like the DC scientist Will Magnus could be propelled to new heights when he was recast as the creator of Marvel’s mutant-hunting Sentinels. Although Amalgam’s stories have been out of print for over a decade, the tantalizing possibilities of the idea left a distinct impression on fans. Now, CBR wants to take you back to the 1990s for another look at the Amalgam Universe. For this quiz, we’ll be testing your knowledge of how Marvel and DC’s characters were combined to form these awesome amalgamations.

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