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Punisher: War Zone, Sin City 2, Heroes: December 5th Comic Reel

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Punisher: War Zone, Sin City 2, Heroes: December 5th Comic Reel


Why did the film get an R rating for pervasive strong brutal violence, language and some drug use? Maybe because of things like this …

Also the New York Daily News has a feature article about director Lexi Alexander. “I can’t imagine being a woman without that background in this business,” said Alexander, “because I really would wonder if you correct a guy’s punch, what they would say if they wouldn’t know that you used to be the world kickboxing champion.”

Finally, CBR News has the second of five videotaped questions with actor Ray Stevenson.

Release date … oh, today!


A rumor from Comic Book Movie claims that “Charmed” actress Rose McGowan will play Ava Lord in the proposed sequel.

Less rumor and easier to verify, director Frank Miller told IGN UK that he’s ready to roll on the sequel. “‘Sin City 2’ is written,” he said. “It’s mainly a matter of working out the details of the production. I’m hoping to do it with Robert Rodriguez again in the same circumstances that we did the first one, and we could be shooting as soon as April.”

No release date announced.


Variety has an article on the re-release of the film, assuring it will amass over $1 Billion in theatrical ticket sales.


It’s on — actor Will Smith told that the sequel was a fact, not fiction.

No release date announced.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, John H. Williams and his Vanguard Films have picked up rights to the cult comic book series, setting Kyle Newman to direct the adaptation. Stephen Edmond, the comic’s writer-artist, is penning the screenplay.

No release date announced.


The Hollywood Reporter also, er, reports that “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller will return to the NBC series starting with episode twenty.

Next episode: December 8, 2008, “Our Father.”


The word from Superhero Hype is that the film’s title has changed to “Dragonball Evolution” complete with a new URL which leads to Fox’s main movie site.

Starring Justin Chatwin, release date April 8, 2009.


Variety also notes that Len Wiseman has signed on to direct a big screen adaptation of the apocalyptic sci-fi comic book for DreamWorks Pictures. Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are producing.

No release date announced.


Is there discussion of a new Superman movie? Yes. Is director Bryan Singer involved in those chats? Apparently not, or so he told UGO. “I am not officially involved in the talk, no,” Singer said. “Well it’s, you know, I have relationships with Warner Brothers and with the character and, and, and, and it’s just the way things work out.”

No release date announced.


There are new screen captures from the official game at 1Up.

Directed by Gavin Hood, release date May 1, 2009.

WONDER WOMAN has a first look at the cover art for the direct to DVD animated feature.

Release date, February 2009.


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