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Other Comic Companies Comic Book Urban Legends

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Other Comic Companies Comic Book Urban Legends

* C.C. Beck based Captain Marvel’s appearance on a movie where Fred MacMurray daydreams about being a superhero.

* Charlton printed its comics using a cereal box press.

* For almost a decade, there were born again Christian comics produced starring the Archie characters.

*The film Hardware just took the movie’s story from a 2000 AD comic.

* US Postal Laws made for some interesting comic title transitions.

* Firebreather was originally the son of Fin Fang Foom

* John Byrne’s 2112 was initially designed as a launch of Marvel 2099.

* Elvis Presley based his famous hairstyle upon Captain Marvel, Jr.

* The character Nightveil had to take her name because of violating a DC Comics trademark.

* William Gaines pretty-much single-handedly destroyed 3-D comic books.

* Mad became a magazine because of the Comics Code.

* New editions of Grant Morrison’s Zenith tradepaperbacks were printed but are currently stuck in a London warehouse due to rights issues.

* Gyro Gearloose was cut off from the rest of the Uncle Scrooge gang due to postal rules.

* Plastic Man was originally named India Rubber Man.

* M.I.T. once cribbed design work for a multi-million dollar grant from a comic book!

* Daredevil Comics #2 was created over a weekend.

* An inventor was denied a Dutch patent due to a Carl Barks’ Donald Duck story.

* An extortionist calling himself Uncle Scrooge baffled German police for years.

* There was a fourth nephew named Phooey.

* Steve Skeates once had to change The Question’s dialogue by a rather odd decision by Steve Ditko.

* Warren Kremer created Richie Rich.

* Buzzy the Crow had his voice changed in recent re-airings of his old cartoon because it was considered racially offensive.

* Tommy Tortoise and Moe Hare never made a comic appearance until the late 90s!

* Archie cancelled a series after two issues because of a threat of a DC Comics lawsuit.

* Both the writer and creator of the first African-American comic book character to have his own book are unknown.

* Donald Duck discovered methylene.

* Matt Murdock appeared in the first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

* A superhero once ceased appearing in his own comic book!

* Defiant Comics lost a court case forcing them to change the name of their comic from Plasm to Warriors of Plasm.

* Harvey created Little Aubrey to avoid having to license Little Lulu.

* A comic character was made an actual citizen in Japan!

* The Astro Boy name came about because NBC was afraid DC would sue them over the name “The Mighty Atom.”

* In Japan, the re-runs of Astro Boy they use are sub-titled American versions.

* Casper the Friendly Ghost was not known as Casper until the first issue of his comic book, four years after he first debuted!

* Disney once had a series of Mickey Mouse comic strips depicting Mickey trying various ways of killing himself.

* Disney once kept a company from publishing comic strips that, at the time, were most likely in the public domain.

* Top Cow Studios was going to be called Ballistic Studios

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