Only Four Shopping Days Left Until Fred Van Lente Day!

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Yes, it is that most glorious time of the year once again – Fred Van Lente Day approaches!!

Tuesday, December 6th will be Van Lente-riffic, with a lot of breaking Van Lente news, plus some great preview pages for you to marvel at!

Plus, Fred and I will be doing an online panel about comic book history. Fred had an interesting idea to do a sort of Comic Book Comics/Comic Book Legends Revealed team-up. The way it will work is that Fred and I will, in effect, interview each other in a chat room about comic book history. You can all attend if you’d like and ask questions, but it won’t be a traditional chat in the sense that it will mostly be Fred and me interacting. Still, if you’re interested in comic book history, it should be a fun read. We’ll be doing it at 2:30PM Eastern time on Fred Van Lente Day. I’ll put up a link to the chat room at that time (and this year, it will be in a chat room without a limit to how many people could chat at once).