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One man’s ‘man cave’ is his wife’s ‘nerd room’

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One man’s ‘man cave’ is his wife’s ‘nerd room’

Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn, your weekly invitation into one fan’s life. Today’s collection comes from Blaine in Murfreesboro, Tennessee — a graphic designer, comic book collector and toy collector “for many years.” He shared his comics, toys, metal signs, Pez dispensers and more.

If you’d like to see your collection here on Robot 6, you can find submission details at the end of this post.

And now here is Blaine …


Here is my mancave, or, as my wife Shannon refers to it, my nerd room.

As you enter my office/mancave, I have a bookshelf with all my comic book TPBs. I mostly have Marvel Masterworks and DC Chronicles. I have all the DC ones and almost am update to date on the Marvel Masterworks. Also have a few of the Archie Archives from Dark Horse Comics. I like these books since its probably the only way I can read them all at an affordable price.

Next I have my Transformers bookcase. Most of these are from the past 10-15 years and the originals such as Devastator, Optimus Prime, Megatron, etc. in boxes are Japan Encore or Hasbro re-issues. I wasn’t too kind to my original Transformers growing up and they are not in good shape.

Next is my Pez collection. I have been collecting these since the late 1990s. Alot of these are not being released anymore like Looney Tunes and Flintstones. I have 386 Pez dispensers so far including the box set ones such as Elvis and Star Trek. I also have most of the Super-Hero ones released in the last 15 years. I am excited Pez has been releasing more of them in recent years such as Lizard and Catwoman. I am looking for the new Flash dispenser which is scheduled to come out later this year.

Next up is my Castle Grayskull display. I am a late collector in this line and really got into it after purchasing the Castle in late 2013 from Mattel. I already had He-Man and Skeletor but the castle felt so empty without the most powerful man in the universe’s friends and foes. I have been ordering a few from Matty Collector, eBay or Amazon. Just recently got Netossa, one of the She-Ra figures.

Next is my wife and mine’s DVD/Blu-ray collection. The tower to the left is mostly movies and live action box sets. The one on the right is all 1950s-90s cartoon box sets. I am a huge fan of 1980s cartoons and have just about all the ones released so far such as He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe and even rare obsure ones like Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors and Galaxy High School. Some of these are out of print. I have been collecting these since I got my first DVD player in 2001.

I also have a “few” toys on my desk such as the Batman ’66, DC Universe Classics and Star Wars Black Series figures. Also have a 1998 Voltron die-case figure, and the three US Masterpiece seeker jets, Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp.

I am a movie fan of course and have a few reproduction posters of Vertigo, Forbidden Planet and King Kong. Also have Arthur Adams’ Avengers Classic #1 cover and Joe Quesada Invincible Iron Man #1 posters.

This is just some of my collection that I have on display. I keep a lot of in storage since there is no room to put it all out. I have bins of action figures mostly DC Universe Classics and Marvel Legends as well as all my vintage ones.

I also have over 5200 comic books. I have been collecting comics since the early 1990s. I started wtih Archie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, then moved on to Superman after he died, then started reading Uncanny X-Men and X-Men and have every issue printed since 1993’s Uncanny X-Men #300 and X-Men #18. I have collected countless back issues of the major DC and Marvel titles. I currently have 419 issues of Uncanny X-Men from volume 1-the current volume. 193 issues of Avengers, 180 issues of Action Comics, 160 issues of X-Men, 150 issues of Iron Man and 132 issues of Superman. So the majority of my comic book collection are Avengers, X-Men and Superman related.

I currently read: Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men, Amazing X-Men, Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and Aquaman.

My most valuable comics are on my wall. I have a copy of Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1 (1968), Iron Man #1 (1968) and Uncanny X-Men #137 (1980).

I have been collecting these metal signs for a bit too and have been adding one a month. I plan to wall my entire garage with them.


If you’d like to see your collection featured here on Robot 6, here’s what you need to do:

1. Take some photos and save them as jpgs.
2. Write up a little something about your collection.
3. Send them to me in an email. Please put the text into an email and attach the images as separate files; don’t embed them into a Word doc. Uploading them to Dropbox or a similar service also works.

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