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One Last CCI 2012 Photo Parade – Rise of the Cosplayers

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One Last CCI 2012 Photo Parade – Rise of the Cosplayers

While CBR has already presented the sights and spectacle of Comic-Con International in San Diego to our readers through four previous photo parades, like Jell-o, there’s always room for more!

Today, CBR executive producer Jonah “Are We Done Yet?” Weiland takes a trip to the world of the most dedicated of fans courtesy of the photos by Caitlin Holland and Keri Luna. Without further ado, we present CCI’s cosplayer contingent!

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Photos by Caitlin Holland

The CBR Yacht Dueling Buckys – nicely done!

Blue Japanese Anime Chick – no idea who, but super cute. Smallville’s Green Arrow – if this is home made, really nicely done.

One little girl meets some kick ass princesses. TOO cute! Disturbingly amazing

Who ya gonna call? Please, don’t call this guy. Baroness and Serpentor

Whatever this is, it’s freaking me the F out! Sexy Shredder?

Ame-Comi Joker – unbelievable! You win all! Something Blue …

Hawkeye Cast of The Guild

Something. Again, something.

A lot of somethings. “I’ve eaten a few too many Twinkies” Ghostbusters

Awesome Mortal Kombat game-screen re-enactment Dog with its pet.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s hawt! Fantastic Bishop

Goth Silver Surfer? I dunno. Some of these costumes need to come with a pamphlet or something. Lil’ Loki – valiant effort, little dude.

Scooby Dear Electro Lizard Dude… oh forget it. Not worth it.

Next. OK, baby Cap with mama Cap is both cute and WOAH MAMA!

Sexy cross-gender cosplay – more WOAH MAMA! Amazing Female Comedian — I’d give this one a WOAH MAMA as well, except I just can’t find the Comedian, even a female one, sexy.

What the hell is going on here? Matt Groening and Yeardely Smith

Female Cap, Thor – I really do appreciate the home made costumes. Look, if all ya got costume wise is a Star Trek Red Shirt, well, just don’t. Stay home.

Hunter S Thompson cross-gender cosplay – the costumes seem to be getting weirder every year. While I appreciate the home made costumes, some of them shouldn’t be worn. One of these shouldn’t be worn.

Poison Ivy – always a favorite of mine so you get a WOAH MAMA! Excellent Walking Dead cosplay – now that’s how you go zombie at Comic-Con!

Domu is Sexy Miss Martian

Two of my least favorite costumes. Who?

Robins! Batgirl – nice job!

Who again. Marvel Girl and She-Cyclops

Enchantress & Scarlet Witch – they definitely have my attention. “Woman! Woman!”

Thor. Bah. Silk Spectre

Green Lanterns! One of these is amazing, the other one is a guy in a Green Lantern costume. FemIndy – lovely!

Please don’t hurt me. Street Fighter

This guy again? Dude, I’m over you. Kissing Robins

Wonderfully winsome Wasp – Hi, my name is Jonah. I have a boat. FREAKY!

Catwoman meets Batman Beyond – VERY nicely done. Deadpool, Harley and another lovely Catwoman. I must encourage more Catwoman cosplay.

Photos by Keri Luna

Seriously – there’s money in this Fox Animation’s pedicab promotion

Killing Joke Joker – I think we got him the other day, too, but it’s just a fun costume. Archie fans

Batman’s beautiful villains – you are all welcome on the CBR yacht. I love blue chicks. Is that racist?

X-23/Black Cat – fantastic! Hawkgirl – again, fantastic!

Go away. MArs Attacks female martian

Not sure what they are, but the one dude has a Tequila Utility Belt. Are you kidding me? WANT! Destro, Baroness and Cobra Commander