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New manga introduces Japanese kids to the Avengers

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New manga introduces Japanese kids to the Avengers

Despite a 50-year history, a record-breaking movie and several video games and animated television series, there apparently still are some in Japan who don’t know who the Avengers are. A little surprising, maybe, but that’s what Earth’s Mightiest Heroes discover when they travel to that country in the latest issue of CoroCoro Comic.

Kotaku spotlights the 12-page story from Shogakukan’s monthly manga magazine for elementary school-age boys, which finds Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man and the Wasp facing several obstacles on unfamiliar shores: Thor can’t get his armor and hammer through customs, the Hulk can’t stomach Japanese food and, worse still, no one is familiar with them.

The humorous manga is part of a larger promotional push for Marvel Disk Wars: Avengers, an anime series that debuted earlier this month in Japan. Check out another panel for the story below, and see more at Kotaku.

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