Never Say Die: Donner Confirms ‘Goonies’ Sequel in the Works

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Goonies never say die — and neither do rumors about a Goonies sequel. But recent comments from Goonies director Richard Donner suggest a sequel may no longer be wishful thinking, and Mikey, Chunk, Data and the rest of the Goonies crew could be headed back to the screen.

While signing autographs in Beverly Hills, Goonies director Richard Donner confirmed to fans (and surrounding paparazzi) that a Goonies sequel is happening. Someone from TMZ was on hand asking the director of the original Superman film and producer of The X-Men about comic book movies, when Donner offered up the information on Goonies. When asked if any of the original cast was returning, Donner replied, “Hopefully all of them.”

TMZ caught it on video: