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“Muppets” #1 opens a four-part series titled “The Four Seasons.” Roger Langridge originally produced this work for BOOM!, but the rights transferred to Disney/Marvel, leading to Marvel distributing this book with Disney Comics branded on the cover.

True to form, Langridge delivers a Muppet story with many of the classic, fan-favorite characters. Constructed to match the structure of the original television series, this issue opens with Pops greeting the special guests of the episode: Colonel Marmaduke Bunch and Meredith, the Magnificent Mountain Mama of Mgahinga! Bunch serves as the agent and handler for Meredith, providing moments of over-the-top hilarity and silliness.

From the introduction, Langridge delivers story snippets, paced to replicate the skits on the show, with the ongoing tale of Meredith’s unhappiness running throughout the story. Those skits give Langridge the perfect opening to offer up bits from Statler and Waldorf, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem band members as well as Pigs in Space.

Langridge’s art is cartoony, loose, and fun, capturing the essence of each of the characters if not the specific detail. Kermit looks like Kermit, but he’s a more animated version. The same holds true for the entire cast of this book. The end result, splendidly colored by Kawaii Creative Studio, is a comic that is charming and pleasant to look at. Readers of all ages are sure to enjoy the visuals, especially the fun little elements that Langridge drops in the backgrounds from time to time.

While Langridge may have moved on from working on the Muppets (or for Marvel in a broader sense) this Muppets miniseries is a magnificent grand finale. It seems likely there will be more Muppets stories in the future, but few creators will have the mastery of the Muppets and their situations like Langridge, who has proven time and again that he shares the creative spirit and vision that Jim Henson used to create the Muppets. If you need an extra bit of enjoyment from your comics, then you’ll definitely want to check out “The Four Seasons.”