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Month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives – Top Five George Perez Avengers Covers

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Month of Avengers/X-Men Top Fives – Top Five George Perez Avengers Covers

All month-long we’ll be featuring top five lists about either the Avengers or the X-Men. Here is an archive of all the past top five lists!

In this installment, based on a suggestion by Josh G., we’ll look at the top five covers by legendary Avengers artist George Perez (who we are all hoping feels a whole lot better real soon)!


NOTE: I figure JLA/Avengers shouldn’t count, so no covers of that here.


Oddly enough, Perez didn’t get to actually draw the covers to Avengers on a regular basis until this cover (After seemingly giving Perez cover duties finally with #149, Marvel celebrated the return of Jack Kirby by having Kirby do the covers on the Avengers for most of the covers from #151-159). His first cover as the regular cover artist was this striking one for a classic Avengers tale, “The Trial”….

Perez’s cover for #173 has a nice sense of foreboding…

Perez did a nice job with covers regarding new Avengers lineups, both #150…

and the third volume’s #4…

Here’s one of the most badass Hawkeye covers ever…

Taskmaster might be the best costume design Perez ever made and it debuted on quite a cool cover…

This cover is an awesome combo of both an awesome Thor action shot, an awesome display of how powerful Nefaria is while he just shrugs off Thor’s hammer and finally an awesome shot of Vision sneaking up behind Nefaria…

Here’s a funny one Perez did for his final Avengers cover (until he returned for Volume 3, of course)…

5. Avengers (Volume 3) #1

What a way for to re-introduce the Avengers!

4. Avengers: The Korvac Saga Trade Paperback

When Perez gets a chance to just cut loose and feature a whole ton of characters on a cover, he really can come up with some outstanding visuals. What a classic cover…

3. Avengers #161

What a bizarrely striking cover! Very memorable!

2. Avengers (Volume 3) #19

It is rare for major superhero titles to make such great use of negative space and it was even less common over ten years ago!

1. Avengers #181

One of the all-time iconic covers. Once again, when Perez features a lot of characters on a cover you know you’re in for a treat!

That’s the list! Agree? Disagree? Let me know!

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