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Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory #1

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory #1

“Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory” picks up where the movie left off, as have many of these BOOM!/Pixar collaborations. All of the main characters are here: Mike Wazowski, James P. Sullivan, George Sanderson, Celia, and even Boo. A surprise antagonist also pops up, providing conflict to a story that needed a little in order to keep from stalling.

Benjamin does a good job of keeping the voices of the characters all true to the movie and even adds in winks and nods to some of the gags from the movie. The new Monsters, Inc. commercials in the world of Monsters feature Mike Wazowski and Sully winds up getting hidden by the corporate logo. Mike having one eye lends itself to multiple gags in the story as well. There are moments when the issue feels like it has run out of things to say, but Benjamin pulls out another character from the movie to add depth to the story and remind readers just how deep the world of “Monsters, Inc.” truly is.

Mebberson’s art is timeless and painstakingly accurate, there is no mistaking these characters are the same that Pixar brought to the big screen. Mebberson takes it a step further and even includes a number of the background characters from the movie, setting this story in a world populated by Monsters rather than having the main characters just float through some non-descript comic universe.

BOOM! Kids has found another solid license here, and beyond “The Incredibles” this is the one Pixar brand that translates most easily across media. This first issue, while cute, was not awe-inspiring, but BOOM! Kids has plenty of time to build this franchise up to be great. My kids enjoyed the story, as “Monsters, Inc.” is one of the most frequently viewed DVDs in Casa de Zawisza. I imagine that future issues will hold a similar done-in-one format as was used here, since that is aptly suited for the younger readers who are most likely the target audience of the BOOM! Kids line.

Like the entire BOOM Kids! Line, this is not earth-shattering, nor is it mind-blowing, but it is a great cross-generational read that can fill the hands of any younger comics fans that accompany you on your journey to the comic shop to pick up the latest issue of “Dark Blackest Rainy Knight.” You might even want to give “Monsters, Inc.” a read yourself.