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Mighty Avengers #28

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Mighty Avengers #28

Dan Slott and Christos Gage continue to provide us with background on the Unspoken in flashback sequences. They balance this with the adventures of U.S. Agent and Quicksilver as they go toe-to-toe with China’s greatest superteam. Yes, the same superteam that was seemingly Alpha Flighted last issue. Ban-Luck reminds everyone of the big bad, certain to set up a massive scrap next issue (or later, depending upon decompressionary circumstances). The true testament of the writing duo’s ability is the fact that two issues into his existence, the Unspoken feels like a long-lost, recently reclaimed Lee and Kirby character. He doesn’t quite feel like an Avengers-type baddie in this issue, but his story is not done yet.

Pham’s art in this issue is the most inconsistent work I’ve seen from him on this title. I can easily dismiss that as a bad day, though, since some pages are exceedingly better than others. Factor in the massive number of characters filtering through this issue and any artist would be hard pressed to make this book look good and release on time. In Pham’s defense, the most critical story beats are strong and distinctly Khoi Pham.

While others are quick to label this book as a “B-list Avengers”, Slott, Gage, Pham, and company have done a very good job of making this book a hub of sorts for the Avengers corner of the Marvel Universe. This book, like the headquarters Pym has crafted for the team in this title, touches upon all of the Avengers mythos. Cassie Lang’s return to the Young Avengers for help with her suspicions of the Scarlet Witch further integrates that team into the goings-on in this book while the surprise cameo appearance on the last page adds another tie to the rest of the Avengers titles being published.

“Mighty Avengers” has been cooking along for over half a year now, and the team still feels fresh. Their adventures are enjoyable and the character mix is diverse enough where the interactions between teammates don’t feel stale, contrived, or cliched. With dual threats in Scarlet Witch (I know, I’m trying to prevent spoilers, although if you don’t know about the Witch’s current situation by now. . .) and the Unspoken, Slott and Gage are promising us quite a great deal of action and adventure in the near future for this title.