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Mighty Avengers #27

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Mighty Avengers #27

The Unspoken (not a Metallica song) returns to threaten all of existence in this very issue. Who is the Unspoken? Well, let’s just say he triggers Quicksilver’s flight reflex. Dan Slott recruits the help of his “Avengers Initiative” wingman, Christos N. Gage, to tell the tale of the Unspoken, an evil so terrible, powerful, and terribly powerful that his name was stricken from historic records. The writing duo spend the first half of this issue introducing us to the Unspoken through an encounter with the Young Inhumans.

The latter half of this issue is devoted to learning what Henry Pym was showing his Avengers at the end of last issue, and it’s a doozy. Slott and Gage give the team a new headquarters and Jarvis a near-heart attack. Moments like Jarvis’ headquarters discussion with Jocasta, Quicksilver’s flight from Tibet to Indonesia, and the Unspoken’s power unleashed in a Kirby Krackle help to make this comic truly worthy of the “Avengers” brand. The writing on this book is dynamic and respectful, seeking to add to the legacy of Marvel’s Universe while making new toeholds and blazing new trails for the next creators to play in this sandbox.

Pham’s art is equally reverent to what has come before, visibly paying symbolic and stylistic homage to Kirby during the Inhuman scenes while setting the artistic bar for the “Avengers” titles that much higher. Pham’s characters are used as complete actors, speaking with their posture and expression.

The biggest downside I could find in this issue — well two downsides — are the impending throwdown between Stature and Scarlet Loki Witch, and the seemingly contrived Great Ten-wannabe team. I understand Cassie’s anger towards the Witch, but here it seems almost as if Loki is simply appearing just to goad young Stature, a move that Loki from decades ago might have attempted. The People’s Defense Force appearance is just barely more than an appearance, as they are brought forth by the creative team to serve as a display of how powerful the Unspoken is. Except we really don’t know the People’s Defense Force, so the magnitude of the Unspoken’s abilities remains distinctly unmeasured. After all, his defeat early in the issue is less than impressive.

This issue of “Mighty Avengers” is summer comics goodness. If you’re looking for a comic with crossover-like content without having to dump scads of cash on all the crossover bits, give this book a go. The summary page and the setup are all you’ll need to hit the ground running right alongside Quicksilver.