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Matt Hawkins Opens a “Think Tank” At Top Cow

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Matt Hawkins Opens a “Think Tank” At Top Cow

When he’s taking a break from his job as Top Cow’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Matt Hawkins reads about science and dreams up new comics. The July-shipping four issue miniseries “Think Tank” is a direct result of his extracurricular activities. The Image Comics series, featuring art by Rahsan Ekedal (“Echoes”), is being published under Top Cow’s Minotaur Press label and follows the adventures of a super genius named Dr. David Loren who works for the titular think tank. Well, sort of.

The arguably brilliant Dr. Loren helped create a weapon of mass destruction, but now regrets his actions. Because of this revelation, Loren has been dragging his feet with his other work, leaving a number of projects in various stages of incompletion. That is, until Colonel Harrison shows up to metaphorically — and possibly literally — kick David in his scientific butt. With not only his future at stake but also that of his collaborator, Dr. David Loren sets his sights on creating his own future.

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