Marvel’s Taco Bell comics sport beefy creative teams

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Apparently at Taco Bell you don’t have to decide between food or comics (insert your own beefy lawsuit joke here). The fast food chain has teamed up with Marvel to provide four different comics with its kids meals.

According to Marvel, each book includes an 11-page story with a one-page Mini-Marvels backup story. Each cover is a reprint from an existing Marvel title. Looking at who’s doing the comics, it may be worth a run to the border; I’d brave a burrito for the team behind Atomic Robo‘s take on Iron Man vs. MODOK alone. (Speaking of which, colorist Chad Fidler posted some pages from the Iron Man comic online).

Here are the details:


11-page story:
· Writer: Alex Zalben
· Artist: Tom Grummett
1-page backup by Colleen Coover
Cover by Roger Cruz, a reprint from Uncanny X-Men First Class #5

Fantastic Four

11-page story:
· Writer: Paul Tobin
· Artist: Craig Rousseau
1-page backup by Colleen Coover
Cover by Steve McNiven, reprint from Marvel Knights 4 #1.

Invincible Iron Man

11-page story:
· Writer: Brian Clevinger
· Artist: Scott Wegener
1-page backup by Colleen Coover
Cover by Brandon Peterson, reprint from Invincible Iron Man #2


11-page story:
· Writer: Joe Caramagna
· Artist: Derec Donovan
1-page backup by Colleen Coover
Cover by Scott Kolins, reprint from Marvel Team-Up #4