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Marvel Stealth-Announces Spider-Man Title by Peter David, Mark Bagley

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Marvel Stealth-Announces Spider-Man Title by Peter David, Mark Bagley

Today, Marvel Comics released its solicitation text and image for series scheduled to arrive on comic store shelves in March 2017. Hidden among the heavily hyped debuts of events like the mutant/Inhuman fueled RessurXion, or the launch of new series starring Iron Fist, America Chavez and more was the quiet announcement of a new Spider-Man series on the horizon.

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Semi-hidden in the copy for “The Clone Conspiracy: Omega” is the announcement of “the next big Spider-Book by Peter David & Mark Bagley,” an as-yet unnamed comic debuting at an unspecified date.

Asked by CBR News for further details, a Marvel spokesperson stated that further details will be released soon.

The solicitation text also promises to reveal the “final fate of Ben Reilly,” who also happens to be the mind behind the currently unfolding “Clone Conspiracy” event. Peter Parker’s most famous clone, Reilly once took over the Spider-Man identity for a short time, headlining all of Spidey’s series, including one launched specifically for him, “Sensational Spider-Man.”

David is currently writing “Spider-Man 2099” for Marvel, and has written the adventures of Peter Parker a number of times in the past. Bagley has a long history with the web-slinger, having pencilled long runs on both “Amazing Spider-Man” and “Ultimate Spider-Man.”

Bleeding Cool recently reported on a rumor that the creators would be launching a Scarlet Spider-starring title in 2017, which would line up with the solicitation text’s description of the series as a “Spider-Book” rather than a Spider-Man title. The fact that both Ben Reilly and Kaine (another of Peter Parker’s spider-powered clones who is also involved in the current event) have taken on the Scarlet Spider identity in the past would end credence to the theory that the new series would place one — or maybe even both — back in the superheroing spotlight.


“Clone Conspiracy: Omega” cover art by James Harren


  • Cover by JAMES HARREN
  • Variant Cover by ADI GRANOV
  • THE CLONE CONSPIRACY is finished, but the impacts on Spider-Man’s life is HUGE.
  • The Rhino comes at Spider-Man with an intense fury and aims to pin the spider to the wall… Permanently.
  • What was the final fate of Ben Reilly? Or the Lizard?
  • Witness the first chapter of the next big Spider-Book by Peter David & Mark Bagley!
  • 40 PGS./ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ …$4.99

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