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Manga Before Flowers — Ask not what the manga industry can do for you…

by  in Comic News Comment
Manga Before Flowers — Ask not what the manga industry can do for you…

Well, usually I’m all for being a responsible fan but since today happens to be my birthday, and I also happen to be sick (still, sigh, so not cool on one’s birthday) I’m going to make unreasonable demands of the manga industry. Because the good folks here gave me a blog and by god I’m going to use it to further my own self-interest!

Or is that not what a blog is for? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get it right one of these days…in the meantime, feel free to chime in with your demands wishes for the manga industry.

1. I wish for Drama Queen to publish again! — Well, well, well. I must have been born under a lucky star (as an incredibly off-topic aside: why are so many manga characters born April 1st? Or is that just CLAMP’s doing?) My first birthday wish has already been granted! Brigid Alverson confirms the small(er) publisher will resume putting out titles this May here. I’m particularly looking forward to checking out their pg-13 boys’ love title The Summit, since I’m a big fan of the author’s romance title You’re So Cool (the first volume of which will also be released by Yen Press this spring). Welcome back, ladies, and next time don’t stay away so long!

2. I wish for Go! Comi to release on schedule! — While I’m very, very fond of this publisher, the (now) completely predictable delays in their publishing schedule is kind of (read: very) annoying as all books seem to come out almost exactly a month after their scheduled release date. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except for the fact I currently need my After School Nightmare fix bad ( claims volume 7 is due out April 1st the bastards). Otherwise, keep up the good work, Go! Comi! You’ve earned a generous serving of my devotion by releasing consistently good titles in such pretty, well-done packages.

3. I wish for Tokyopop to release Fruits Basket faster! — Really, Tokyopop, 5 months between Fruits Basket releases? You’re killing me. Killing. me. Can’t you end the torturous months between volume releases…which I suppose would end the anticipatory glee of waiting for one of the five best shojo manga (according to me!) currently being released in English? Oh wait. Now I’ve made the wait sound like a good thing…

4. I want Dark Horse to commit! Two volumes of Bride of the Water God published and the third is no where in sight. Eden: It’s an Endless World and Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service are described as “underperformers” and, therefore, the publisher may have to discontinue their production in English (eventually. One of these days. Perhaps. Probably. Most likely.) I’m sorry, Dark Horse, but if something wonderful underperforms you should think about selling it better. (For the record, I have no sympathy for people who complain about the higher cost of Dark Horse manga or that they can’t find it at the bookstore. people, learn it, live it, love it. Also Barnes and Noble is the devil, don’t even expect to find the good shrink-wrapped stuff there.)

5. I want Review Copies! Johanna Draper Carlson has put together a wonderfully practical guide for how mature bloggers should treat / request review copies here. I did try to get 801 Media to send me review copies but I think they realized the audience here may not have been all that interested in my reviewing gay porn for them (I certainly would have enjoyed it though!). The sad part is I have no interest in “Free Stuff” for the sake of free stuff — the otaku in me just thinks it is really cool to have books in hand before their release date. So. Clearly I’m not the right person to send review copies. But this being “unreasonable birthday demand day” I thought I’d mention it anyway. Because reviews copies are cool.

6. I want DMP to publish volume 4 of Flower of Life. I think this one speaks for itself. The title so gosh darned good and it seems a crime against the English manga world to deny us the conclusion of Yoshinaga’s high school slice-of-life hilarity.

Well, enough of my selfishness — I’ve got birthday cake to eat and a birthday nap waiting for me (clearly I live life on the edge). See all next week for more traditional programming!

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