Magnetic Press to publish Matteo De Longis’ ‘Vox’ art book

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Magnetic Press to publish Matteo De Longis’ ‘Vox’ art book

This won’t come as a surprise to those of us who visited the Magnetic Press booth at Comic-Con International in San Diego: The publisher today announced the November release of Vox, a “Rock and Roll Concept Art Book” by the Italian artist Matteo De Longis.

The book, which is the same size and shape as a record album, is neon-colored and lovely to look at. It was published last year in France, and there’s already a book site that seems to be more about the design of the book than the interior art; there’s also a bio of the creator. De Longis, who was named as one of Marvel’s Young Guns, draws a lot of inspiration from Japanese art and works in games, animation and toy design as well as illustration. The press release includes a description of Vox that’s hard to improve on:

His deft and unique combination of alluring women, streamlined military hardware, detailed airplanes, cars, birds, and concert equipment make for a signature blend of visual stimuli that is at once engaging and hard to forget.

There’s also a book trailer that starts out, rather unfortunately, with a butt shot of a woman in underpants; this may make it NSFW, depending on where you work, and it definitely makes it WTF. It’s nice to see a woman musician being featured in a promo video, but why can’t she be wearing pants? There’s a preview of the book art after the 55-second mark.