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Leland Orser Gets ‘Taken’ Again

by  in Movie News Comment
Leland Orser Gets ‘Taken’ Again

Leland Orser, like so many before him, is about to get Taken once again.

Deadline reports that the actor, who appeared in the first two Taken movies as Bryan Mills’ trusted friend and former spook Sam, is set to reprise that role in Olivier Megaton’s upcoming Taken 3. He’s just the latest returning player added to the mix, as Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen are all on board for the next round.

New to the cast, however, is Forest Whitaker in an unknown role. It’s not clear if he’s playing the film’s villain, as there are also reports that his character might be the one who gets taken, with no one but Neeson’s Mills available to save him.

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