Leap Day Top Five – Top Five Batroc Covers!

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Here’s your final Leap Day treat for the day! The top five covers to feature your favorite, and mine, Batroc ze Leaper!!!


5. Captain America #105

In the Name of Batroc…I think I saw that…didn’t that star Daniel Day Lewis?

A great Kirby cover.

4. Captain America and the Falcon #149

Action-packed Gil Kane cover!

3. Marvel Premiere #20

The always underrated Arvell Jones with the impressive job!!!

2. Tales of Suspense #76

His very first cover appearance, by the King!

1. Captain America #30

I couldn’t recall what book this was, and I actually thought maybe I had imagined it, but here it is, courtesy of the cover master, Dave Johnson!

Well, those are the top five!!

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!!