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Last Resort #2

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Last Resort #2

This book is so completely far afield from my usual fare that I am surprising myself by just how much I enjoyed reading it. I reviewed the first issue on a lark, but found that issue to be quite enjoyable in that “have Showtime for free, so I’ll watch whatever disaster or horror movie happens to be on” kind of way. This comic has a B-movie plot and B-movie characters, but Palmiotti and Gray take it so far over the top that it becomes an homage to B-movies. If this were a B-movie, it’d be an instant classic.

Gray and Palmiotti fill this book with so many horrific segments one right after the other, but along the way the duo even sneak in some humor. Many of the situations, and quite a bit of the language is geared towards a more mature reader. Considering the incredibly graphic nature of the content of this book, the humor Gray and Palmiotti provide is needed and well placed, keeping this book from taking itself too seriously.

Caracuzzo’s artwork continues to impress. His artwork is lighter than one would expect for a comic featuring explosions, mutilations, and decapitations. Most artists would plunge a story like this deep into shadow, but Caracuzzo’s aversion to cloaking this story in shadow makes it far more engaging. His storytelling is great and the elements brought into the story leave little room for interpretation. One character cracks open the skull of an “undead” attacker with the lid from a toilet tank — and it is clear that it is a toilet tank lid, even though we don’t see her lift it off of he toilet. Some of the over-the-top visual sexuality of these characters could stand to be toned down, but once again, the B-movie homage crops up and it all just works well together.

The first issue of “Last Resort” was disturbingly enjoyable. This one builds upon the strengths of the first and quickens the pace of the story. This isn’t a comic you’re going to share with your kids, but it is a comic that’ll give you a good read. I’ve been surprised by both issue so far and I am definitely locked in for the rest of this story.