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Kanye + Comics = pure gold

by  in Comic News Comment
Kanye + Comics = pure gold

Just last week, Techland’s Douglas Wolk tracked the trend of Tumblr blogs dedicated to very specific kinds of comic-book imagery: UnMasquerade (heroes and villains unmasking themselves), A Nice Cup of Comics (comic-book characters drinking tea), A Moment of Moore (a daily dose of something Alan Moore-related), and Superheroes Lose (covers or promo images featuring defeated superheroes — run by yours truly!). And I know I’m late to this party, but I think we may have reached the apotheosis of the genre: Kanye + Comics, a site dedicated to combining superhero imagery and Kanye West lyrics. The results are often hilarious, and sometimes even profound. Kinda like Kanye himself!

The site accepts reader submissions, so like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, it’s a collaborative affair. My favorite Kanye/comic mash-ups are above and below; what are yours?

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