Kamehameha! These ‘Dragon Ball Z’ lamps will attack the darkness

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LitUpInteriorDesign creates one-of-a-kind lamps from repurposed objects, say, like Dragon Ball Z figures. Why? Because they’re kind of amazing.

However, these aren’t just any one-of-a-kind lamps made with repurposed DBZ figures. Oh, no. Here, the large bulb is cleverly positioned to resemble the character’s energy attack, creating a pretty dynamic lamp (well, as dynamic as lamps get, anyway).

LitUpInteriorDesign’s Etsy store offers a half-dozen or so DBZ options, from Goku Super Saiyan Kamehameha to Trunks Vs Vegeta to Majin Buu. Prices range from $99 for a single character to $125 for two.

(via Technabob)