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John Barber’s Trip to “Nation X”

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John Barber’s Trip to “Nation X”

Mutant brain in a jar Martha Johansson gets some facetime in John Barber’s “Nation X” story

The Scarlet Witch’s reality warping powers may have diminished the numbers of the Marvel Universe’s mutant population, but with 200 mutants worldwide, it can still be hard to keep up with and check in on some of the less famous ones. However, things did get a little easier recently when the X-Men created the island of Utopia and established it as a safe haven for all of mutantkind. Now, the manmade island in the middle of San Francisco Bay is a bustling community filled with mutants, each one with a story to tell.

Every issue of the anthology mini-series “Nation X” features several stories by various creative teams starring these lesser known, but still important mutants. “Nation X” #2 is in stores today, and CBR News spoke with former Marvel editor turned writer John Barber about his story, which stars two characters that debuted during writer Grant Morrison’s acclaimed “New X-Men” run.

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CBR News: John, you worked at Marvel for several years, editing books like “X-Force,” “Ultimate Spider-Man,” and “Marvel Zombies.” What made you want to move over to writing, and how did this story in particular come about for you?

What’s it like working with artist David Lopez on this story?

It’s exciting. One of the funny things is, I actually know most of the creators whose stories appear in “Nation X” #2, but I was really excited when Nick Lowe said David was going to be drawing my story. That’s because I’ve been a fan of his for some time, and it’s just amazing to see some of the work he did on this. He’s a terrific artist.

John Rausch, our colorist, also did an amazing job. The book looks absolutely spectacular. And I think “Nation X” as a whole is a really great series. Issue #2 has a lot of great stuff in it. So it’s worth checking out even if you don’t like me [Laughs].

Do you have any other upcoming projects that fans should keep an eye out for?

I’ve got another Marvel short story lined up that I can’t talk about because the project hasn’t been announced yet. I’ve got a limited series at IDW that I also can’t talk about and I’m actually premiering a new web comic today. It’s called “Outside Infinity” and it’s at

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